The General James Knowledge Quiz

Ok, so all the answers can be found on that JDB interview CD, but no cheating now!!! Select your answer from the options below and then click the button to see how you did...

(1) What was James's Dad's other favourite for his son's name?

(2) Where of these places is James from?

Mr Bradfield (Senior)

(3) What were James's Mum and Dad's occupations?

(4) What was the first record James bought?

(5) Who does James regard as his three main musical influences?

(6) What is James's date of birth?

(7) Who does James share his birthday with?

(8) What was James's first experience on stage?

(9) At what age did James get his first guitar?

(10) How much did this first guitar cost him?

(11) Who does James list as his 3 main literary influences?

(12) At what sport did James excel in his younger days?

(13) At what age did James first have the idea of a band?

(14) When did James first gather the Manics together as a band?

(15) How was James partly responsible for the name Manic Street Preachers?

(16) What was the first time James was paid as a musician? (Apart from busking)

(17) What's the most money James ever made busking, and how / why?

(18) What was James's worst gig, why?

(19) What is James's favourite song of The Holy Bible

(20) James claims he first felt famous when he saw himself on TV, what channel saw the Manics' first TV appearance?